• What comes from the earth can return to the earth. And what nature produces, it can also recycle. Astradec Environnement manages the recovery of organic materials that can be collected and channel them into three major sectors:
  • Agronomic enhancement by spreading on agricultural plots, gardens and parks
    Organic recovery by composting
    Energy recovery by methanization
  • Methanization
  • Methanization is a biological process of breaking down organic matter by bacteria. The collected organic waste is placed in a “digester” under specific conditions of humidity and temperature favorable to their decomposition. The result of this digestion is the production of:
  • a biogas composed mainly of recoverable methane in the form of green energy
  • a balanced nutrient rich matter called “digestate” which can be reused by returning it to the soil
  • Astradec is developing a complete facility around anaerobic digestion with the characterization and analysis of waste, optimized logistics and multi-site treatment.

Logistics (collection, transport, storage, loading, spreading)
Administrative management (contact with partners in the sector, drawing up of regulatory documents)
Agronomic monitoring (analysis of by-products, land, determination of intake doses, advice on fertilization, etc.)
Social networking for the agricultural sector (technical visits, agronomic advice, networking)
Operational advice to project managers for the improvement of channels
Full facility focusing on anaerobic digestion with characterization and analysis of waste, optimized logistics and multi-site treatment



Preserving our environment is everyone’s responsibility and concern, but for us it is at the core of our business and specialization. And that starts with our ability to find and identify for our customers in industry, the construction sector, local authorities or residential customers the best waste treatment programme to follow. Landfill is the last resort for Astradec Environnement. We believe in the second life of materials, we are convinced that we can find a new resource in each waste.




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